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Mind 4 Money ONLINE

The Mind 4 Money complete course is an entertaining and educational series of life-changing, hands-on, workshops designed for individuals and families from the financially distressed to the financially secure to learn and implement effective, proven principles to better manage finances in a fun way, and improve how we set and obtain goals that lead to Self Sustainable Financial Security and Freedom.

The Next Class begins Tuesday August 14th ONLINE!!!

LIVE online classes are: Wednesdays 7:30pm – 9:00pm MST (GMT – 7hrs)

Recordings of each class post to your online account the following day

Want Income Improvement?

We’ve now upgraded it to the second skill…

Recent classes, in this “terrible economy” have increased their annual incomes an average of more than 30% annually by applying what you will learn in the class.

This has been true for students who were receptionists, engineers, store managers, executives, small business owners, and even stay at home mothers.

And when you get fully trained with a Mind 4 Money, you will have what some have called “market immunity.” And it starts with YOU becoming so deeply aware of your value that you can hold strong to your creativity and courage, ask for strong fees and raises, and GET them, And, once you’ve increased your income, we’d like to help you KEEP MORE of it! So, we go the extra mile and show you how to manage your money in a FUN and fulfilling way teaching YOU how to invest with real integrity so the REAL good investments will come your way.

You see, if there’s one thing I’ve found, the truly BEST investments, do not market for investors… they network to them. And only those who know how to invest with integrity, like we teach, are the ones who receive them.

We want that to be you.

This knowledge will be joined by a solid structure of accounting strategies, strategic guidelines, and spending plans to support your improvements that we will teach you during our time together. It’s quite simple really, but very effective… it’s the kind of system that we’ve proven has the means to IMPROVE relationships if you can imagine that.

So in 12 classes with us, you’ll learn and implement practical, proven methods that will lead you to real results, higher morals, fewer roadblocks to your financial success, and dreams that are closer to being achieved.

Imagine your life without the stress of financial burdens. Imagine what it might feel like to be free of all debt. Imagine watching the news talk about all the trouble and recession and know, without a doubt, that you are safe.

Imagine the person you could become, with that kind of security and inner knowing. Imagine who you might be if money were no object.

Now, take that thought into your relationships. Consider what connection you might have, what love, peace and joy you might be able to share with your loved ones and with those relationships you would like to cultivate if you truly had the time, the freedom, and the financial security to really be present to them.

What you will discover…

  • * The secret to dissolving debt in today’s economy.
  • * How to become financially secure regardless of your current income.
  • * How to easily improve your financial discipline and responsibility.
  • * How to rid yourself of the hidden obstacles that prevent wealth from coming your way.
  • * How to recognize the most common causes of financial stress and how to overcome them.
  • * How establish a plan that will empower you to gain control of your finances.
  • * New hope and ability to make wise choices with your money.

Poor is not a fixed place and neither is wealth… it’s a process that is easily but so often unconsciously passed on. Together we’ll create YOUR wealth process. “I invite you to Take action today. It has been my experience that the pathway to financial peace and security is more available to humanity than ever before through this program. If it is right, and you are seeking change, a way will present itself to make it possible for you to attend.”

~Justin Rohner
Founder & Executive Coach
Mind 4 Money & Astonishing Families International, LLLP

The 12 Skills we share with you in 8 Weeks

ALL Classes will be RECORDED and availble to students for on-demand viewing within 24 hours after the scheduled class.

Skill 1. Setting The Mind for Money
In this intensive, Justin will walk you through the 4 key distinctions that will lead your transformation each week in the program. With the help of our on-site team of facilitators you learn how to take a simple one-page inventory of your financial condition and set it up to improve your system to save immediately!

Skill 2. Income Improvement & Career Astonishment.
Discover the true function of meaning and purpose to rapidly and confidently improve your income. Plus, you’ll learn tips on job and income negotiation, starting a business, and the art of hobby-jobbing to boost your independence and your pay.

Skill 3. Using the Keys to financial security and freedom.
In this lesson you will learn how to uncover the often unconscious set of financial priorities we hold, how they effect our relationships, and how to align them in a way that strengthens and supports us in love and in life.

Skill 4. Converting Stress into Success & Saving… Gracefully.
You will learn the secrets of a simple but powerfully-effective executive coaching techniques to make weak-things in your financial plan become STRONG and how to make the inner-shifts necessary to get the life you are seeking. Plus, learn the art of saving… and spending that will IMPROVE your most cherished relationships.

Skill 5. Cash Flow Planning: Using The Tools of Effective Financial Management
Learn the secrets of setting up your own personal cash flow plan including a priority-based budget and a simple strategic spending plan that is literally FUN to follow.

Skill 6. Dissolving Debt and Boosting Your Plan.
It’s time to bust the Myths of Good Debt / Bad Debt and set yourself to truly achieve a life without debt.

Skill 7. Improving the Generational Effects of Money: The Process of WEALTH
Justin uncovers the truth and the myth behind the money tree, nest eggs, and three other distinctions that will help you effectively lead a legacy of financial improvement no matter what stage of life you may be in at the moment.

Skill 8. Improving Productivity
Justin walks you through the world of productivity vs. consumption so you can see the true function of productivity in your home environment and it relates to improving your financial security. Also, you will learn how to turn your money-pit of a yard into a potential profit center without any addition time out of your day as well as how to spot real cost savings when it comes to home-related products and how to avoid being taken by less-than helpful “green” products.

Skill 9. Insurance: Auto, Life, Health, Home, and Beyond(Home-Study) In this lesson, we will take on the ins and outs of home, auto, life, modern health, and even disability insurance as well share with you powerful tips to stay ahead of the rapidly changing insurance systems. We’ll look at some simple ways to quickly identify if you are over covered or under covered and share with you a game plan.

Skill 10. Buying Bargains and Improving Net Worth (Home-Study)
In this lesson, we will explore the wonderful world of bargain hunting which play into a powerful, winning game plan to achieve financial freedom and peace. You will learn the difference between Bargains and Booby prizes, when to buy cheap, and when QUALITY is the ONLY answer. We’ll even explore how an luxury can fit gracefully into your spending plan and how and why knowing your Net Worth is important.

Skill 11. Investing With Integrity For Profit (Home-Study)
“The Proof is in the Shoulding.” In this powerful lesson on investing, we will take a deep look at the art of identifying true, authentic, investment opportunities for you and how to avoid the costly lessons in what you “should-have done.”

Skill 12. All Things Real Estate (Home-Study)
Justin taps into his years of real estate experience of both huge success and massive failure to teach you 4 levels of investing in real estate, including how to win when you buy, AND when you sell your home. Plus, he’ll share with you some tools to quickly and completely identify when it’s best to rent, buy, option, or even build. He’ll even get into some tips on negotiating, cultivating top tenants, understanding mortgages, as well as the mixed-up world of loan modifications.

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“Each one is full of EXCEPTIONAL value and worth many times more than the price of admission”
Andrew McKee -Arizona