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As a graduate of the Mind 4 Money program we know how excited you can get about what you have and continue to learn and the HUGE difference it’s making not only in your financial life, but everywhere else as well.

Over the years we’ve received countless emails from many of you requesting ways you can help. We’ve had multiple requests from “can I re-attend with my family?” “Can I help somewhere?” to “When are you coming to my neck of the woods?

Well, we’ve finally put something together for you… actually, THREE somethings:

  1. Re-attend anytime! I think you will love the new skill-based format as well. Just contact us <HERE> anytime to register as an alumni and receive your alumni discount code to attend any online course or any live course.
  2. Become a Better Thinking Volunteer <click to apply>
  3. Become a Strategic Ambassador for Mind 4 Money. This is a paid gig if you’re a good fit for it where you are able to work with individuals and organizations in your community to set up local classes, strategic networks and coordinate volunteer operations to bring a better way of thinking to more people. And, yes, we are hiring right now. <Click HERE to apply>