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Each skill is full of EXCEPTIONAL value and worth many times more than the price of admission”
~Andrew McKee

The course has been very enjoyable and rewarding.  The “light came on” last week.  Learning to “own my own problems” and dealing with them has helped me to have a better attitude on how to deal with the problems.
The course content is incredibly relevant to society today.

~Bob and Stephanie

Well when my husband told me about this course, it sounded fine and then he told me how much it cost and I laughed it off assuming he wasn’t serious. Well, what can I say…we have $1500 in emergency savings, our credit cards are paid off, my husband has finally found a way to support our family and move past his part time job and the course isn’t even half over! It wasn’t a get rich quick ploy, just a better way to think about money. And even more then that my relationships have improved all around. This course changes your mind set… not only about money but also about how you think about everything. I try to live in the present and create opposed to react. This course has been invaluable! It is worth any amount of paper money to feel the way I do about money and my life!

~Lyndzi M

Our financial situation was horrible and I knew I needed help.  I didn’t have too many expectations, I figured it would be all of what I’ve heard before.  But, it was exactly the opposite, after just the first class, I was SO pumped!  I had learned so much that I could literally put to use the very next week. I actually look forward to our weekly meetings with excitement, I just can’t imagine what I’ll learn next. I can truly say that this has been a life changing course!

~Angela B

I have always wanted to learn how to create money and find the peace of mind that financial well being can give.  The first day was a great eye opener for me and I knew that this program would be a great benefit for me and my family.  The Mind4Money course has given me the hope that I needed to want to live a very long and fruitful life with the money to enjoy it.

~Julia B


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