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About ~ Justin Rohner

<<From the 5 Tracks of Wealth Radio Show>>

“Born an entrepreneur, raised an artist and trained an engineer. Before the age of 25 Justin Rohner had personally created more than a dozen companies of his own from Radio, Real Estate Development, to Extreme Sports. He saw some thrive and some fail, and learned from every one that wealth has to be created if it is to be sustained. Justin has gone on to succeed in the creation and/or growth of more than 100 companies for himself and others.

His diverse background and knack for quick turnarounds, powerful innovation, and research supported transformations has made him an internationally sought-after business coach and training program developer.

Justin Currently Lives near Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, 3 boys, and 30 chickens.” ~Garrett Gunderson

Justin Rohner is like a stick of dynamite to complacency and self doubt. You will walk away from your Rohner experience with a radical shift in “being”.

Once you come down to earth, you will have some very bold actions to put into place. He is NOT just another Coaching school graduate. He lives as a coach.

Some guys have to “get focused” to have explosive and creative energy…however, with this guy charisma and explosive energy is his natural state.

If you really want to make FAST shifts in your business/life, then this could be the answer to your prayers.

~Stephen McGhee

Author: Learning to Believe the Unbelievable: Living Life as a Miracle Leader

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