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The Story of You

I want to remember that every person is already important, without them having to make up their self-importance for me. Every person. Every moment. I want to remember that there are no unimportant moments. The woman who grabbed the sleeve of the cancer researcher and said, “Live your life, every delicious moment,” was saying that to me.

Only our stories get in the way of that feeling. Only our words. Stories are told with words, and words have chemistry in them. If my story today is that I am just “trying to make a living,” my whole brain and body chemistry become low and frustrated. But what if I change the words and instead of trying to make a living I am “creating a life”? New chemistry. Newer, better feelings. Better conversations with people. Excitement. A better life through chemistry.

A flower doesn’t have a story about what it is. It just grows and expresses itself. So, when I look at the story of you, I know how hard it’s been for you to maintain it. I am very mindful of that. I feel it along with you because I’ve put such a burden on my heart maintaining my own story!

From now on, let’s just grow. You and me.

Steve Chandler

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