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Sell Yourself TALL

The Golden Rule of Income Improvement

By Justin Rohner

John Bunyan

“A man there was, they called him mad; the more he gave, the more he had.”

~John Bunyan

It’s so simple… we often miss it. There is a direct relationship between how we spend and how we earn. Although, it’s not a matter of quantity; it’s a matter of quality.

In my recent study of the generational effects of money, I found that those families with wealth that grew from one generation to the next had a distinct habit of being gracious and appreciative toward people and companies when they spent money. They were effectively “sold” not only on what they bought, but also on those who made the product or service available to them.

On the flip-side, those families whose wealth was on the decline and were effectively living a poverty process, had a distinct sense of annoyance surrounding similar expenses.

As my friend and best-selling author Steve Chandler has said, “If you have a tendency to think in terms of scarcity, you’ll shut down the inflow of wealth by choking off the outflow.”

So, you don’t need to start spending more, just don’t be stingy with your thank-you’s. Being stingy not only threatens your financial future, it degrades your value and your ability to earn.

The Golden Rule to Income Improvement is this…

Give as You Would Like to be Given

If you want to see how quickly this can influence your income, try this: before you go to that next big interview, contract negotiation, or income opportunity, treat yourself to lunch. Be sure to tip your waiter/waitress in advance and share with them how much you appreciate the work they do to improve your dining experience. As you dine, be on the look-out for the unique value they provide you. Acknowledge them for the good they do as they do it. And, if they spill your glass of water or break a dish, keep it light, think taller, lift your mind to gratitude still that they continue to put THEIR dishes in harms way to serve you.

Do this, and your interview presence will improve, your ability to land the new contract will be enhanced, and your ability to select a worthy income opportunity will be greatly refined.

As we move forward acknowledging the value and service others provide us each time we spend, the inner light that shines on our value brightens. We will stand a little taller. We will be a little better at what we do best. We will be more solid and confident in our own value. And in the face of challenge or opportunity, we will see more clearly the difference we ourselves can make.

Try living it for yourself.

The worst that could happen is a stronger, more grateful you.

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